Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 2 - Exploring Banyan Tree Bintan.

The next day, I took a slow walk around the resort. Gosh, the villas soar above the ground on platforms, and the trees sure were huge.

During an engaging tour of the grounds, I learned from our guide Halik, that during development, the villa locations were determined by the trees! Following the traditional fishing villages on Bintan, our villas are built on stilts, under the canopy of the jungle. Architects spent days on site, planning the location of every structure, to avoid sacrificing as few trees as possible and building villas around older trees.

Halik mentioned that to preserve Bintan’s natural environment, landscaping was kept to a minimum, and most boulders were left where they were. One of our swimming pools within the resort was actually carved out of rock!

It’s wonderful to know that we have minimized the impact of our natural environment while building a spectacular resort.

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